Custom Gadgets
since 1987


Nastrotecnica was born in 1987 in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, from the idea of Arturo Romito, the owner. Arturo decided to print custom tapes on behalf of third parties and to create custom-made gadgets, thanks to a new printing technique invented at that time, sublimation printing.

Nastrotecnica welcomes the experience and mentality of Italian craftsmanship guaranteeing the quality of Italian manufacturing.

We address to professionals in the communication sector and agencies that believe in advertising through the object.

We work mainly in the promotional and merchandising sector, also with shops, e-commerce and much more…

Since 1987 we realize your ideas


We make custom gadgets

The company distinguishes itself from other competitors by producing its own products starting from the fabric.
The customization begins from the choice of the fabric, to the model, dimensions and finally the type of printing. Over the years the high quality and structure of our refined products has attracted people from many different markets but all guided by one reason: having a high quality gadget, reliable and made in Italy.


Arturo Romito


Sandy Gnims

Sales Manager

Sara Atif

International Sales

Grazia Tresoldi

Italy Sales

Michael Po

Back Office

Maria Rodriquez

Back Office

Claudio Romito


Simone Bonini

Graphic Assistant

Abdul Quayyum

Head of Printing Department

Tariq Mohammed​

Printing Department

Riccardo Romito

Marketing Manager

Ramona Pergetti

and Accounting